Listing your finest hours

I'm not a person whose jumped on the self-esteem bandwagon.  It's important to see your good points, but it's also important to have a foundation for feeling good about yourself.  Let's face it, if you think you're awesome you may not correct the stupid things you do – and the sense of awesome will rest on no foundation.

However, there are also times we miss what is good about us, we get depressed, we think ill of ourselves.

I recommend racking up a list of Finest Hours.

When you're down, when you're trying to figure yourself out, go back and review those times you rose to the occasion, the moments you outperformed your expectations, those times you excelled, beat the odds, etc.

Don't leave anything out.  Look back on your job, school, love life, the time you cosplayed as 3 different Naruto characters in a convention skit.  Look back on everything where you did good, did it right, and felt good.

In fact as a geek, fanboy, fangirl, etc. you probably have all sorts of achievements you won't usually consider – the epic fanfic, the great AMV, the trivia contest on sports you won.  Go on, tap your geekery.

This is a good way to appreciate yourself and what you can do, and remember what you're capable of.

It's a good way to get out of a funk – and see what you're capable of.

Just don't get a swelled head.  As I said, I'm not entirely on this whole super self-esteem thing . . .

– Steven Savage.