Let Me Bore You: Geek Your Budget

It's time to geek your budget.

Financial planning is always important (if recent events haven't made that abundantly clear).  That's why you have to make sure that you have budget set aside for the "importantly" geeky things that make you both a geek/fan, AND a progeek.


  • Are you setting aside money for the technology you use – a new cell phone, computer, etc.?  You're going to use those in the job search, in running your own business, to keep in touch, etc.
  • Are you setting aside money for conventions and events that are important to you both as a fan and as a networking tool?
  • re you making sure you have your assorted enjoyable pointless spending worked into your budget – so it doesn't sneak up on you?

I actually set aside money once a week for such things, and keep track of it.  That way I'm always prepared for my pro-geek and general fan needs.

For a lot of us our fannishness, geekyness, etc. doesn't fall too far away from our personal and professional ambitions.  Go on and geek your budget ahead of time – you'll be glad.

– Steven Savage