News of the Day 11/23/2009

Long commutes can be bad for your health – I'd also note they're just annoying and time-wasting too.

Surprise, some big backs don't have as much capital as you'd hope. Author notes that a double-dip recession, in these conditions, could end up with a depression. I'm not sure he's right there, but I think this condition could mean a double-dip lasts a bloody long time.

Anime and Manga:
Funimation's latest hire hints at more co-productions in the future – With some helpful list of other distributors who did co-productions. If Funimation is making moves in this direction, I get the impression their current business models are safe enough for a bit of experimenting – or that co-productions and the like look feasible.

Lots of shake-ups at Disney – Hint at an aggressive series of changes, new marketing attempts, and in general, lots of changes that may not all go over well. As Disney goes so goes the world – and as Disney fails, so do people avoid doing similar things.

MediaBistro launches a site to connect freelancers – You KNOW what to do.

The Success of New Moon an indicator of the power of the female filmgoer from our friends at EconomPicData. New Moon cleaned up at the box office, with distinctive gender demographics. I wonder if this information is going into people's calculations when assessing audiences . . .

Social Media:
No, Twitter is not for sale – Look we're back to the Twitter-is-in-trouble side of news coverage . . .

A few tips on getting organized.

Video Games:
Zynga's Farmville also has a standalone site – So try and Keep up, the social game company's games now have one that runs standalone on a site (which is good business sense). This gives them many more opportunities for establishing presence, synergy, and other cross-game things (like currency). I wonder if they may keep 'working backwards' to separate apps . . . also remember they're hiring – here in Silicon Valley they're announcing it on BILLBOARDS.

– Steven Savage