Weekly Challenge – The Next Country . . .

As I've noted a few times, Japan is a country that obviously has had major influence on the North American Geekonomy.  Video Games, anime, sentai and more.  From Battle of the Planets decades ago to Power Rangers and Bleach, from Space Invaders to Final Fantasy pick-a-number, Japan has had a huge effect.

At this rate, Japanese influence on pop culture and major Geekonomic areas is more than obvious.  I'm not sure how much more influence can be had (though my guess is Kodansha is looking for more).

But there's always a hunger for new products and entertainments, foods and culture, and business models and opportunities.

So here's your challenge for the week: what country do you think is going to be next to have a big cultural/pop cultural influence on North America?

South Korean and it's growing media?

India with it's tech opportunities and the power of Bollywood?

More British influence now that Doctor Who is Reborn and series are getting remade (again)?

Think about what's next.  After all, my fellow progeek, you're going to be living it in the years to come . . .

– Steven Savage

(And as for my answer?  I'm still thinking that one over.)