Properties, Media, Loyalty

So, yes, there will be a Risk movie.  And a Monopoly movie.  There's the failed attempt at Thundercats that looked actually cool, but films as we've seen are really working to create effort-free Multimedia synergy.  Or to put it more crassly – grab a name, slap a film on it, profit from the free publicity and associations.

I am sure people will see the aforementioned films and others out of various reasons, from buying the publicity to morbid curiosity.  Some may even make money or provide interesting experiments (the Monopoly film may do so).  However, I think those behind the films are missing something.

Namely, a longer-term plan that builds interest, community, and long-term involvement.

Harry Potter, I have no doubt, was a success not just as a book and film series, but as a whole community-growth effort.  It was NOT planned, but seemed to evolve over time with internet-driven synergy – but it paid off.

Star Wars has had its ups and downs, but it seems that the fans are reasonably well served in their interest with websites, games, books, and new shows (I understand the Clone Wars, overall, is well-appreciated).  Star Wars is a long-term project, even if it hasn't always been approached as one.

And of course, Star Trek, which was doing well . . . for awhile.  I think the reboot was almost needed.

Just take a LOOK at some synergy with Japanese properties.

THe upshot of this is that you can take a look at the history of many properties and media creations and see long-term dedication and community building that works.

Then there's trying to create a blockbuster around a board game.

That's just not long-term thinking.  Yes it may get money, yes it may have tie-ins, and yes it may help the company with the property.

It's not long-term.  It's not cultivating interest.  It's also a risk of trying bargain-basement idea-scrounging that is asking for a humiliating defeat.

Short-term thinking got the world economy into trouble.  It's not going to bail your company out of it – especially when you can blow years and millions making a laughable attempt to get people's attention for a quick buck.

– Steven Savage