Frustration Friday – Single Source Stupidity

Stop telling me about The One.

I'm not talking Keanau Reeves.  In fact, I'd like to hear a little more about him since I'm very curious about how the Cowboy Bebop movie is going.  No, what I'm tired of is people who have the One Book, One Website, One Pundit, On Blog that Makes All The Difference To Your Career.

I'm not buying it and if you keep going on about The One I'm going to figure you're a moron.

Look, I'm sure there's great sources of information out there for my job.  I'm sure there are ones that represent the pinnacle of whatever the hell it is you want to know or do in your career.  I'm sure I should read them or listen to them or whatever.

But let's clarify a few points here:

  1. There is no perfection.  Even the best source cannot be perfect so stop acting like it is, you're just deluding yourself or pushing your delusions on ME.  Worst I might eventually believe them.
  2. You're annoying.  Stop turning whatever pundit or book into some kind of diety.  It's annoying people and they're not paying attention to you after awhile.  If we stop paying attention to you we might miss something good.
  3. You're obsessed.  You're going to do something stupid and one of those of us whose your friends will have to bail you out.

So next time you get hung up on some glorious new business plan, guru, or what have you stop, drop what you're doing, and roll away from what's obsessing you before sharing it.

We'll thank you.

– Steven Savage