News of the Day 12/28/2009

PS4 on the horizon? The economy still not quite bailed out? Books taking on loads of video as extra cargo? Set sail with shipping metaphors as we voyage into the waters of geek career news!

Seth Godin makes the interesting point that it's not the rats that leave a sinking ship, it's the rich passengers, a metaphor for how big customers switched what they use in media. Not sure I agree with all his (short) conclusions, but it really is something to think about.

A great geek-career exercise: what's your superpower. Props to the author for a great metaphor that should give you ideas.

Thoughts on Twitter and job search tools.
changed over the last decade.
What does it mean to be an artist today? It's indeed a strange time.

Paul Krugman is concerned about an economic contraction in the US in the second half of 2010 – I'm concerned about some possible contraction in general (though I give it about a 1 in 3 overall). If Krugman is concerned, pay attention – I'm planning to remain economically paranoid in 2010.

Venture Beat has it's Venture Capital predictions for 2010. Good stuff, but I disagree that we're going to see device divergence – I see convergence winning over – by having specific apps.

Is the composite video/web book, the 'Vook' part of The future of literature? Monica Hess gives us speculative and interesting article. I think the end does sum it up – we're going to see all sorts of experimentation, so we have no idea what will truly evolve and stick. Worth reading.

So few paid Android apps because purchasing is challenging? So argues analytics firm Distimo. I'm not entirely in agreement, but I think the fact ordering is more cumbersome is a factor, and agree with the article author that we think Google==free. An unexpected bump in the road for Android? Possibly. Also a reminder that convenience sells.

Wired list it's Top 7 'disruptors' of the year. A light and thought-provoking read, but there's a lot more than 7 to be concerned about.

A freelance writer takes look at his income and writing, giving you a snapshot of his work.

Video Games:
Some predictions and rumors on the PS4: Sony may be looking at a different processor setup. The article in question also notes that it'd probably be 2012 before any true new consoles are seen. So, programmers, marketers, and techs you've got your timeline . . . and hey, wasn't Sony predicting the PS3 would be around for a decade?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, what is your superpower anyway? What makes you special?

– Steven Savage