News of the Day 12/9/2009

14 guides for freelancers and those seeking to do their own thing – Haven't read any yet, but this looks to be a useful resource.

Is there a backlash against big brands and can it benefit your career?

MUST READ: A guide to regional centers of innovation in the US – A nice heads-up with plenty of juicy links discussing those places where innovation happens – and how that can help with an economic recovery. Lots of good stuff here, it may give you some job and relocation ideas, and it's pro-science and thus geekariffic.

A home is not an investment tool – So says Felix Salmon as he takes apart a column arguing it is. Salmon makes some great points on why homes are not an investment for the average person despite the fact some people are still arguing they are.

A video showing the increase in unemployment by geography, over time, in the US – An educational quick-snack. May want to ignore the bizarre comments this attracted.

Japan Overstates its Gross Domestic Product. Get a better look at the Japanese situation with the chartmaster of EconompicData.

Dubai and Greece still not doing so hot.

Anime and Manga:
Anime and Manga dying? – Roland Kelts, author of Japanamerica (which will be reviewed later this week in this blog) wonders.

Museum attendance up in this economy?

The winner of the eBook wars may be Adobe. Overall, it's not hard to argue with that considering how many e-readers use some form of Adobe Tech. I've noted repeatedly – and say again – Adobe is a far bigger factor in technology and content delivery than many appreciate (which makes their continuing problems odder and more troubling).

Canadian Private school replaces its books with e-readers.

Social Media:
Mashable has job listings, You Apply.

Apple Tablet gearing up for production? A mix of tidbits and econospeak, some interesting rumors, and thoughts on the iPad/iTablet/iNeedAName in the college market. I see iWhatever being a potential "composite device" if designed, marketed, and set up properly, but it'll have to be a combination ebook reader, multimedia player, and PC that works well and has a dynamite screen. That may get it to be equal in value to it's price point of about $1000. I also see it as a potential must-have geek device for some.

Escapist Content comes to Boxee – In a geek fusion, Boxee will be broadcasting gaming/media online mag escapist's content. It's one more way to get your fix of Yahtzee – and on a serious side, a nice bit of geek fusion. Makes me wonder what else Boxee has up it's sleeve.

Video Games:
True games hires former EA member as CTO, consolidates – They're still relatively new, but on the move. If you're in Texas (where they're consolidating), maybe see if they're hiring someone with your skillset . . .

Nexon has a new business development VP – He sounds like he has a good background. Nexon seems to be doing pretty good – and don't forget they've also been involved in some possible partnerships with Nintendo (though I haven't heard about that one in awhile). Potential resume target?

Freelance writer Carol Tice says that the tales of a writer's recession are more myth than fact. Take a read and get a boost and some advice. She also has advice on places to go for writing gigs.

Who do you think the iPad's target market is – and who should it be? I'm medium on college students but I see a BIG market in travelers and commuters.

-Steven Savage