Advice: Keep people informed

Last week I noted that I was surprised to find out that there was development of a Warhammer 40K MMO . I recalled vaguely the past that there had been some development, but I'd completely forgotten about it.  Of course as I looked back on it, I realized there had been so little news on it I'd pretty much forgotten about it or figured it was gone to Duke Nukem territory.

This is a big reminder to people working in or with the geekosphere: awareness.  This applies to your business, your fannish products, and even yourself.

The world is wired, people are keeping track of things via Twitter, cell phone messages, etc.  They check RSS feeds, websites, and Facebook.

So if you've got a product, a service, or even a "pro-fan" project like a convention or website, people need to be aware of it.  If they're not aware, others who are more focused on keeping them informed will get their attention.

If you're working on a product then you'd better bloody well be giving people updates in newsletters, twitter, blogs, etc.  How do they know you're still working on what you're working on?

Product-wise and even project-wise I understand people may not want to give out too much.  But in the case of many developers, writers, etc. it feels like they don't give anything out at all.  It's too easy to figure something is dead, on hold, or just going to be lousy.

I'm glad to hear the game is still being worked on.  I just would like to have enough reminders so I don't keep forgetting about it.

– Steven Savage