Steve’s Update 10/19/2019

(This column is posted at  Find out more at my newsletter.) Whew! Life is a bit calmer here so let’s get to the update on my projects! Less than I’d like, more than I expected! So what have I … Continue reading

Steve’s Update 2/24/2019

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.) Here’s what’s going on with my projects! So what have I done the last week? Agile Creativity: The print copy of the book should be done … Continue reading

Steve’s Update 5/7/2017

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) And it’s time for another  Scrum style standup!  OK it’s weekly, and I prefer them daily but that’s a bit much. First a note – I had a nasty allergy attack around Thursday … Continue reading

Seventh Sanctum Update 10/5/2013

To put it simply – the site is now migrated to the new Bootstrap-wrapped design.  As far as I can tell it’s done, completed, and ready for testing.  Well more testing, migrating over the generators required I validate each, and now my head is filled with random.

Next up I’m going to take a little bit of a break because . . . well yeah, this has been my spare time for about a week and a half, and I haven’t had much of that.  Then there’s going to be some testing, and finally, migration.  Just remember after the migration I’m really going to need feedback!

If there’s one concern I have it’s that right now the site’s appearance on phones is kinda “meh.”  It works, but the branding is off and the control panel scales too big.  Admittedly I don’t think that’s a huge deal, but still I’d like to make it better.

Now let’s take a look at the site! Continue reading