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Steve’s Upate 1/16/2022

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For anyone curious why this update is “no books yet” it’s because I’m focusing on my websites, the Sanctum, and general cleanup. Really needed a month or so to just catch up.

The Way With Worlds series: No new news – next book end of March or so, three books this year, want to do the new covers but no plan for another few weeks.

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset”: Still plan to start in Q2, and as noted it’s more about how to change your mindset with certain exercises.

Other Books: I hope to hear back from the “pre-editor” on the book on creativity and freedom soon (they’ve had a bad few weeks). Based on that I’ll make the call when to or what to do with it. The compendium book will be “whenever.”

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I’m on a roll now and have troubleshot multiple problems. It’s been very insightful as well – I’ve even flushed out some old errors that weren’t apparent. I hope to have a better timeline in a few more weeks.


Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 1/9/2022

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Just a reminder, I’m using Q1 to catch up on things.

The Way With Worlds series: I’m not doing any work on this until later in Q1, since I’m doing a lot of “cleanup” of various projects, etc.  But the year is planned out to finish the disaster series.  I’ll be planning the cover conversion in February. Expect the Misinformation book end of Q1

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset”: This is still scheduled to start the beginning of Q2.  I’ve streamlined the theme more – the idea is to avoid hardcore Agile and applied systems.  Instead, it’s how to re-evaluate your writing work and how you approach it – because all the various “systems” out there are more rote, less “learning to think.”

Other Books: The compiled book on creativity is being evaluated by a pre-reader right now, and that’ll set the direction for that book.  The compiled columns I’m just going to poke at here and there until it’s ready.  I am also auditioning ideas for my next novel in a few months.  No real schedules yet, sorry.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I’m converting over the generators one at a time, and using it to test the system.  There’s still bugs to deal with (mostly in misconfiguration) but it is working!  Plus I have a list of new generators to make.

Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 1/2/2022

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It’s the new year, so let’s get to some updates on what’s up! I hope you’re staying safe – Omicron looks nasty.

The Way With Worlds series: Currently on hold, restarting in March, and that’ll be on Disinfo, Misinfo, and Propaganda. The one after that is disaster response which will be Q2 or Q3.

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset”: Still starting in March/April. I’ll have a heavy brainstorming session first, then buckle down to see how fast I can write it.

Other Books: The first compiled book on creativity and freedom is now waiting on some pre-readers, and I expect it to be out Q1 or Q2. The other compendium is on a slow edit (read: whenever I have time or am bored) and it’s done when it’s done.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Moving over all of the generators except a few oddballs. This is proving to be a GREAT test of the code, which is 80% of what I wanted and 20% of “oh, that needed error checking.” I’m keeping a list of improvements to make before launch. Despite some issues so far the code is all stable, and easy to configure for.

Steven Savage