Steve’s 2/12/2023 Update!

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All right a quick update!

Disaster Response and Worldbuilding is out!  The nineteenth of my worldbuilding minibooks is available and selling!    This concludes my attempts to write a miniseries within another series – and it worked!

The Agile Writing Book.  Every pre-reader of mine got hammered, so I’m going to edit anyway, and hope they get their opinions in.  I might incorporate feedback after my editor’s feedback.

The new covers should start deploying again in a few weeks.  I just need to set up a schedule of like one or two a week.

I’ll do one more worldbook this year.  Otherwise it’s a pretty open year since more and more I think next year will be a lot of consolidation.

Seventh Sanctum launch is another case of needing “uninterrupted time” which has been in short supply.  Fortunately that should be changing . . . and then I can do some new generators.

Steven Savage