Steve’s Update 9/11/2022

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OK I think I have a grasp on my schedule. It’s been a wild time – first I get COVID, then go back to work as the financial year ends, then deal with allergies, heat waves, and more. So I’ve had to stretch out my schedule.

I also would note for 2023 my plan is to leave me more space to experiment with a big focus on the worldbuilding books and creative empowerment.

“Think Agile, Write Better”: Back to editing this, with a plan to (hopefully) send it to beta readers in early October.  I also have one more Agile book I want to write, and am not sure when I want to do that in 2023.

The Way With Worlds series: I’m aiming to do just one more book this year instead of two – losing one month threw off a lot.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Really just need to find a day, so as I am hitting max vacation balance, let’s see if that helps.  Right now I’m doing a code/launch review to refresh my memory.

Steven Savage

So Where Have I Been?

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You may have seen a lack of posts for a few weeks. Don’t worry, everthing is fine, I just got interrupted.

I got a very mild case of covid – so mild my doctor didn’t prescribe anything (as she noted, any medication would probably make me feel worse). All I had was sore throat for a day, then a 48-hour fever two days later. However I had to isolate (which was tough), and I spent all the time I could resting to ensure the best outcome. Psychologically it was kind of tough – isolated, tired, avoiding infecting anyone else, and waiting for the ten day isolation period to end.

That lasted ten boring days. I did a little work during my illness and then slowly back to normal – but it’s the end of the Financial Year and I had training to complete. So I had things to keep me busy when I wasn’t sleeping – in general people my age seem to need about 2 weeks to recover. I didn’t even return to any exercise until a week after I recovered.

I’m fully recovered about 11-12 days after the infection ended! However my sleep schedule got thrown massively off and there’s still some leftover stress. So I plan to use this weekend to “catch up” on life and sanity (and get back to my full daily walks!).

So most every project of mine got delayed one month. However I also had a lot of time to think about my projects for 2023, so stay tuned on my developing vision. And, yes, it involves worldbuilding of course!

I may also post how I handled isolation to protect my girlfriend – who did not get infected despite being in the same house as me.

Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 8-7-2022

(This column is posted at, Steve’s Tumblr, and Pillowfort.  Find out more at my newsletter, and all my social media at my

“Think Agile, Write Better”: (Deep Breath) The Draft is COMPLETE!  Yes, I have the draft done – which means this week I slide into editing it heavily.  It’s shaping up to be only about 100 pages or so, which is within my limits (I wanted less than 130).  Expect it to go to beta in a month or so!

The Way With Worlds series: The new covers are not only done, but I’ve done some tests of book updates!  I got on a tear and it was kind of relaxing.  So I’ll update a few books to test in as I’m able (probably next few weeks)

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: It will not surprise you that this keeps getting bloody interrupted as I seek that magical “block of time.”  At this rate, I think I need to take the chance of doing the launch incrementally.  I’d rather not, so I can have strong burn-in, but life seems to keep interrupting me.

Plus there are giveaways!

Steven Savage