Back from the Holiday – Kind of

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Hello everyone! You haven’t seen me around for awhile this holiday season. So what’s up with me?

My girlfriend and I got sick with a cold, which I suspect was RSV as it lasted over two weeks for us and involved sinus drainage. We tested for COVID repeatedly, and the symptoms were also very different. This pretty much turned the holiday season into sitting around being miserable and occasionally do something when we were sure we weren’t infectious.

It was not fun. I lost two weeks, so now my “plan for 2023” efforts are this month, not over the holidays.

I think there’s a weird lesson in this. My girlfriend clearly got this from someone we know or work with – and the people we know are very careful. What I suspect is that since everyone is careful with COVID, they may not be thinking about other stuff. If you feel draggy but didn’t test positive for COVID, you might write off other diseases – and we’ve got that RSV/Flu/COVID “Tripledemic.”

So, please if you at all feel unwell, avoid big gatherings even if you test negative for COVID or whatever you suspect you have. We’re having a pretty ugly disease season and we’ll probably have others.

So my holiday update was nothing much except watching Drawfee, reading, gaming, resting, and being annoyed.

But I’m back at it. As I noted some weeks ago I plan to slow down my projects in 2023 so I can catch up from the wildness of the second half of 2022. But as I rest who knows what inspiration will strike . . .

Steven Savage