Frustration Friday – Trending to Stupid

I'm a news junkie.  I'm also a geek, which means that I'm used to getting my news from some blogs, aggregators, and sources that are pretty informed.  You know what I mean of course – you're a fanboy, fangirl, geek, nerd, otaku, what have you.  We THRIVE on information.

Which is why I'm getting a bit tired of the news cycles of the geekosphere.  You know, where you can predict to the quarter – if not the MONTH – what the big story will be, who will be up, who will be down.  Those times where every few months this company is big – and the next few months they're in trouble.  Those times when the news "discovers" something they discovered a few months ago.

It's getting old, people.

Every few months Twitter is big news. Then a few months later Twitter Is In Big Trouble because apparently they haven't done anything to hold the attention of the people writing about them.  Then Twitter is the big thing again.

Or Mac.  Wow, Mac has released some new product that's more expensive than the Microsoft equivalent but is very well done and Apple fans like it.  Honestly is that news?  It happens every year.

Maybe there will be a new hit anime series or Japanese video game.  There's been "new hit anime" series since Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 became the Gateways Of Anime and Final Fantasy VII gave us the Chocobo-backside hairstyle.. Writers and reporters, if you're surprised things from Japan are popular, you haven't been paying attention for 15 years.

It makes it hard for us information-driven fans, geeks, sports nuts and music maniacs.  We see the same old stories again and again from people who don't seem to be aware of trends or even recent history.

It makes it tough to be an information manaic when the information is all too much the same while the world changes.

– Steven Savage