Get Your Minecraft Moving: A New Trend In Gaming?

Lately I’ve seen a trend in gaming that seems intriguing. It looks like we’ve got a new iteration on the Minecraft genre – games that involve self-created vehicles that are realized with voxel technology and completely independent components.  We’ve got … Continue reading

Sharknado Sequel In The Works

There will be a sequel to Sharknado, that oddball film that burned up social media while kicking science in the groin. This gets The Asylum and their mockbusters, derivatives, and weird b-movies even more attention.  I swear they’re in serious … Continue reading

No One Weeps For Hollywood

It seems like the last few weeks we’ve been discussing the potential of a Hollywood meltdown.  Admittedly with Spielberg starts talking disaster, you listen.  There’s plenty of comments on it, from our own Serdar to So though I don’t … Continue reading

Glad To Sell You The Power: Consumerism Meets Creativity

There’s no doubt we live in a consumer culture in America, and a good part of the Western (and Eastern) world. There’s plenty of things made, plenty to buy, and we do so beyond our basic needs. Obviously, not everyone … Continue reading

A Game Of Chicken

Well, OK, Chick-Fil-A is having some medieval-themed “Date Knight” event. This event encourages sons to take their mothers out to Chick-Fil-A. It appears to be something to encourage family bonding via a kind of knights-and-damsels themed event. OK, so look … Continue reading

Why The Next Anime Adaptions May Not Be Obvious – Or Exist

I’m starting to loose track of the amount of adaptions-of-anime going on in Japan. Yamato?  Check. Gatchaman?  Coming up. Captain Harlock?  Enjoy a badass trailer. Patlabor?  Coming. I would like to make an interesting speculation. You know how now and … Continue reading