Sharknado Sequel In The Works

There will be a sequel to Sharknado, that oddball film that burned up social media while kicking science in the groin.

This gets The Asylum and their mockbusters, derivatives, and weird b-movies even more attention.  I swear they’re in serious danger of going legit – and frankly jokes aside films like these provide a place to get experience, build a career, re-establish a career, etc.  Just with sharks in Tornados.

If you can’t wait, here’s some suggestions for a sequel.  I’m partial to “Sharkalance.”

– Steven

No One Weeps For Hollywood

It seems like the last few weeks we’ve been discussing the potential of a Hollywood meltdown.  Admittedly with Spielberg starts talking disaster, you listen.  There’s plenty of comments on it, from our own Serdar to

So though I don’t think we’re there yet, I have to concede that it seems Hollywood is heading for a meltdown.  The second half of the summer doesn’t seem to be going too hot, though I will say Despicable Me 2 really did deserve to do well.

But my praise for the family/superhero/romcom/comedy of the summer aside, I do think that the meltdown is coming, probably next year, as the pre-planned tent poles don’t provide a lot of support.  So what happens if there is a Hollywood collapse, with a huge amount of blockbusters not making enough money, and the risk-phobic studios not being sure what to do?

One of my first thoughts is that a lot of people won’t give a damn.

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Economics Not Culture

Serdar Yegulyap and I have been having a scattered dialogue about science fiction, culture, and economics as of late, mostly over at his blog.

(As he and I are both fans of old-school correspondence, I’m working to make sure I do part.  I want to see what can be done with a blog-implemented, old-school correspondence on issues. Hell, we might get a book out of it.)

Frankly, I am concerned Economy has replaced Culture in America.

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