Geek Job Guru: Drone Delivery And Careers – No, Really

So we’ve all heard about how Amazon is interested in using delivery drones. This has led to everything from your inevitable “will it take off” jokes, to eBay’s CEO mocking the idea, to UPS and Fedex talking about their own … Continue reading

Link Roundup 9/19/2013 – Video Game Edition

Lots of gaming Links! The power of failure in creating The Last Of Us. An interesting and inspirational look at the game, its themes, and how it came about over a long period.  Worth reading for gaming and media pros. … Continue reading

Self-Published Author Turns Down Amazon Deal

Yep, she didn’t want it and didn’t like the guarantees. This actually leads to some odd thoughts here.  Amazon has self publishing tools.  So are they competing with themselves?  Could their self-publishing be a way to recruit talent?  Will that self-publishing … Continue reading

Amazon Enters Comic Market

With their own imprint. I’m actually surprised it took this long, and it sounds like they’re bringing in some heavy hitters. I also figure it won’t take long for them to combine this with their fanfic options, CreateSpace, etc.  It’s … Continue reading