Get Your Minecraft Moving: A New Trend In Gaming?

Lately I’ve seen a trend in gaming that seems intriguing. It looks like we’ve got a new iteration on the Minecraft genre – games that involve self-created vehicles that are realized with voxel technology and completely independent components.  We’ve got another iteration of games on the way that you, as a potential game creator or professional, should follow.

(By the way, yes, I called Minecraft a genre.  I consider Minecraft to be a game that is both a game, but also has a general, archetypical nature that makes it a genre as well.  Anyway, on with the post.)

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Things I learned From Skyrim

Yes, Skyrim.  Elder Scrolls 5.  The latest chapter of the erratically long-running, ambitious series is out, and I'm playing my first Elder Scrolls game since "Daggerfall."

I know I'm not alone.  I see it talked about constantly, hear about it constantly, and my friends and co-workers discuss it.

Know what?  It's actually a really good game.  Sure it has some flaws and bugs, but I'm pretty impressed.  It's gorgeous, adventure-filled, fun, and has a serious wide-open sandbox feel that is crammed with a lot to do.  It's really an adventure "your" way, even if your way is to run around in your underwear amassing a cabbage collection.

But as this is an impressive, epic game, the kind of game a lot of games promised to be and weren't, it's also got me thinking.  What does Skyrim "mean" for gaming – in short, what's the progeeky impact?  What can we learn if we're in gaming?

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