Book Update 2/1/2010

And now the latest update on the Fan To Pro Book!


  • I rearranged my current schedule to get the book formatted and in beta early so I can spend time tweaking it – or get it out early.
  • It's going to be 100-120 pages long, as noted, but I'm still tweaking things.  There's an awful lot of choices about fonts, margins, and spacing that really you can't see until you try them on large parts of the book.
  • I have devised a marketing plan based on my readings I'll be getting to soon.

Things I learned:

  • Covers are a pain. Think it's simple?  Wrong, it's horrible to decide.  I've had people offer to help which is nice, but only recently did I figure out the approach I wanted to take – I'm going to go more simple and businesslike for the first edition because the cover will be easy to make out on the sites that will show it.  Plus, really, there's so many possible messages I'd rather let the text speak for itself right now.
  • It's better to get a book in ready-to-print format early.  It teaches you a lot that may affect your plans for marketing, distribution, etc.
  • Formatting is a lot less fun than writing it.

Still on track for March/April 2010!

– Steven Savage