Weekly Challenge: Cultivate a Seed

What we are in the future is determined by our past and our present.  The past is, well, past.  The future is yet to be determined.

So it's what we do in the present that matters.  We can miss this fact as we're looking too far back or too far forward.

So here's your weekly challenge.

Right now there's something you want to be or do in the future.  You aren't there yet, but you will be and hope to be.  Much like creating a garden, you've got a few planted seeds that you are hoping to cultivate into something wonderful.

Identify one of your "sees" right now.  Maybe it's trying to exercise more so you loose weight.  Maybe it's to learn a programming language to be a programmer.  Maybe it's to read more and get smarter.

Pick one of these seeds and ask yourself what you're doing to cultivate it and protect it so it can grow.  Are you reading up on eating better to improve your health?  Are you studying every day to improve your programming skill?  Do you have a big sticker on your television to remind you to read a half hour a day?

Identify what you're doing to protect and nurture that seed.

After that, maybe you'll want to take a look at the other seeds you've planted for the future . . .

– Steven Savage