News of the Day 2/15/2010

Gawker grows in an unusual way, EA has yet more bad news, Apple gets ganged up on, and more. Download some geek news – RIGHT THROUGH YOUR EYES!

The catch-22 of entry level jobs – and how to get around it – I'm sure some of you have been there or are there now.

Do you have a resume or a marketing document? Hint – you really want a marketing document. A good read.

A look at labor force underutilization by income – Or unemployment, part time employment, etc. Basic summary, the lower income you are the more likely you're unemployed/underemployed. Also recall the news last week that unemployment varies widely by education, and you can see some potential problems on the horizon economically and class-wise.

A roundup of your Greek economic news with some good analysis of this mess. I'm still betting Goldman Sachs is going to get slapped by the EU, and Paul Krugman makes a good point that the Euro may have been introduced too early.

Gawker media buys Citylife – Why is this big news? Because Gawker usually builds instead of buys – and is doing pretty well with their media empire. Me thinks that we want to watch them to see what's next with them – they're getting awful big . . .

Two investors want a majority stake in Barnes and Noble – Some people apparently want control of whatever's going to happen . . . 


Two dozen mobile carriers team up for a standard app store/delivery model – Clearly in response to the Apple store, and quite a powerful INTERNATIONAL alliance it – US, German, Austria, China, and more. This is obviously helpful to solving fragmentation in the mobile app area – and may offer some future career opportunities down the road, both in app development and whatever store(s) this spawns. Now, where is Google in all of this? apparently quite skeptical.

Do we need another Linux OS for portable devices? Nokia and Intel think so.

Adobe announces its strategy – Which is pretty much write-once, send anywhere, mixing AIR and Flash. They even have an iPhone workaround. This sounds actually pretty credible, and a good job pressuring Apple.

Video Games:
EA skips out on March Madness, has other issues – Looks like there's problems with sports franchises as well.

An analysis of why Sony is becoming a one-platform company which seems . . . kind of obvious.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will Adobe's latest actions get Apple to back down on Flash issues?

– Steven Savage