Weekly Challenge: Pre-Conflict Perspectives

With great power comes the chance for great stupidity.

OK it's not exactly the touching saying we all associate with Spider Man, but it's a sad truth.  Power, from the power of physical force to the subtleties of charisma to the abilities granted from knowledge, gives us not just the ability to do things, but the ability to do very stupid things that have incredible impact.

The difference between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing is often a matter of degree.  You need wisdom to know that degree.

So your exercise this week is to figure out where you may do something very, very stupid.  You know, beyond the other things you've done.

  1. List all the top 3 to 5 things you are good at or have influence in – skills you have, leadership you perform in your fandom, someone's ear you have.
  2. Now for each, ask how you could take those skills too far and cause damage.  Could your leadership at work end up pitting departments against each other if you keep up your rah-rah attitude?  Could your next novel be even better selling if you pandered a bit, but you know that would take you in the direction of being hack.

Think of what you could do – so you know when to stop before a benefit becomes a problem.

– Steven Savage