Convention Idea: Make Something!

The roundup of convention ideas is here.

So you want to do a professional event.  There's the speakers, the advice, the stories . . . but what about adding more oomph?  Some extra?

How about doing a pro-level project at the con?

Imagine a project that lasts the entire duration of the convention that involves people leveraging their professional skills to produce a complete work.  People would cooperate, work with pros (who would oversee it), and in the end have a result – and learn a lot from it.

Consider such possibilities as:

  1. A team-drawn and team-written manga or set of manga.
  2. Pro-level costumes made from scratch?
  3. A round-robin serious writing project?
  4. Creating a fan website from scratch?
  5. Actually creating a browser-based game?

Everyone participating gets some advantages:

  1. They make new friends.
  2. They have a piece of work to show off in a job search.
  3. They learn teamwork.
  4. They get to stretch their skills.

So how about it?  Want to jazz up your con's profan events?  How having your attendees sign on to make something . . .

– Steven Savage