Weekly Challenge: Find Your Precision

When it comes to our careers, balance is appropriate.  Too much time looking for a job and you burn out, not enough and you don't find one.  You can take classes constantly, and neglect the rest of your life and your social obligations.

There's a sweet spot of effort in our careers that we have to find, where you can be incredibly precise, yet appropriate.  You can step on the Tiger's Tail and not have it bite.

  1. Pick your last job search.
  2. Now, list all the times you overdid it and the things you overdid – did you work too long, change your resume too much, be too aggressive?
  3. Now, list all the things in that search you could have done better, been more aggressive on, done more on.
  4. For each of the lists in #2 and #3, ask what you should have done to have the right level of precision.  Bit of hint – #3 is harder to figure out.

– Steven Savage