Epic Resume Go! Part 5! Tie-Ins!

"Wait", you think, "didn't I just do my resume?  Isn't that what all of this is about?"  Another section?

Well, if a resume is a story, it's made even better by supplemental material.  Like movie photobooks, sequels, short stories – additional elements help flesh your resume out.

Things that help you "tell your story" include:
Cover Letters – These are an art in themselves (perhaps one I should cover sometime). Cover letters help tell your story as well – I think of them as "previews" of your resume.

Websites – Having a professional/personal website helps tell your story as well.  Of course you want to have your website fit your theme and focus.

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, etc. all are great ways to show who you are.  They're also ways to embarrass the hell out of yourself, so use them cautiously.

Portfolios – Portfolios can be online or offline (or both), and range from simple prints to clever things like DVDs with video examples.  A good portfolio, delivered in the proper manner, can really make an impression.

What else can you use to tell your story?

– Steven Savage