Frustration Friday: The Human Factor, You Morons

Dear everyone who feels as if they should comment on business, economics, and careers.

I appreciate you want to do so.  I appreciate analysis.  I especially appreciate those of you who can produce actual numbers in your discussion that come from reliable research.  We need to have these discussions on jobs, employment, health care, etc.

But, my dear assorted commenters and commentatrixes, could you please, maybe, in your theories KEEP IN MIND THE HUMAN SIDE OF economics?

Really.  I get the cash flows and unemployment rates, but have you ever thought about discussing the people?  You know the folks out of work, the people holding on to their jobs, and the overpaid morons who messed over the previous two groups?  Could we talk the human factors?

You can even use numbers.  Go on, I LIKE numbers.  You can show the numbers that relate to people's happiness, and family stability, and health, and lifespan.  Those are great numbers to have, and it's not going to fry your brain to dig them up.

I'd really like to see the various economic and business commenters do this because in the end, people are what's important and economics is something that people create.  This trend and that trend and so on don't mean anything unless we can relate it to real human concern and achievement and lives.  Trying to talk economics without people is like talking construction of a building without thinking about people living in it.

Besides, imagine if you economic geniuses had thought, many years ago, about how people actually work and think.  Maybe you'd have helped make a better world – or at least realize that some people were going to do stupid and greedy things and land us in this Great Recession.

– Steven Savage