Frustration Friday: The Good, The Bad, and The Searching

Here's something no one told you about the job search these days – your skills at the job search aren't worth what they once were. Things are tougher, tighter, meaner, and stranger than before the recession.

If you're bad at the job search, you are screwed. You might get lucky, hopefully you will, but the odds are against you.

if you're average at the job search, you're in for the long haul. You don't stand out, you don't have an edge, you don't have something special to help you.

If you're good at the job search, you're going to be OK, but it's not always going to be easy.

If you're excellent at the job search, you'll find a job. But it's not going to be like it was.

The terrible job market, the demographic shifts, the changes to HR have brought home one terrible truth that not enough people are talking about – your job search skills matter more than ever.

The frustrating part is thanks to poor training, encouragement, schooling, etc. a lot of people aren't that good at the job search in the first place.

If enough people weren't screwed by high unemployment, an ineffective gridlocked government, and everything else, they're also coping with bad search skills. I doubt the various people who (mis)instructed these folks realized how bad it would be, but there you go.

Worse? There's probably a bit more work out there now than people think, but it's harder to get due to insider approaches, bad HR, and so on. So people who are just average or bad at the job search aren't going to pierce the veil of mystery and B.S. as easily.

So yeah, good and excellent are your hopes for survival. Bad and average mean you're in trouble.

Oh, and no one pointed this out.

(If you're in the wrong industry, or have the wrong skillet, you're even more hosed, unfortunately).

Steven Savage

Frustration Friday: Too Busy To Be Frustrated!

I wanted to go and rant about stuff.  HP?  Maybe Netflix?  maybe DC's relaunch?

But here's the odd thing.  I'm working on Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Career.  And I'm trying to find things to write about, but as soon as something gets me into a good, powerful annoyance I can share – I'm back to examining editing, or publishing, or somthing else.

Seriously, I'm frustrated about not being able to focus my frustration.

This is one of the strange things with a blog – you get into patterns.  This is usual, and it is good, but there are moments your brain doesn't engage.  This is probably even more likely now since most of my focus at this point is my three different series (Scott was a big inspiration).  So I'm used to regular work on things, which isn't as spontaneous as these columns.

And again, the editing – which is very regular.

Most ironically?  I just got a column out of talking about my lack of frustration frustration.

So let's draw some useful lessons – if you're blogging progeeky-wise, then you're going to have those moments of lost inspiration, out of patterns, etc.  It's important to remember, because they will happen.  However the discipline of regular work pays off, even if there are times you're interrupted.

But you might get a post out of it.

– Steven Savage

Frustration Friday: In Which I Vent On HP

OK, I sort of held back on HP's decision to uh . . . give up on everything they were known for.  I wasn't sure what to say, and then I realized that what I had to say was more yelling and venting than actual rational analysis.  I'm OK with this because as far as I can tell they really arent being overly rational.

Our own Rob Barba gave us a very rational discussion.  Of course I'm going to provide the counterpoint – not by arguing with him, but dipping fully into my ID and splattering it on the blog.  But you know, in a professional manager.

So, HP, seriously, the hell?

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