News of the Day 3/30/2010

Game news all over, new controverisal social media, and . . . did I mention game news? Let's get to it . . .

Five reasons you may not be out of debt – Some nice, simple, effective advice.

Why location independence may be overrated. As a person who considered this kind of lifestyle, I have to say this makes some good points.

Keep an eye on Greece and China – Though to judge by this column, mostly China. Plenty to think of about these two companies often mentioned in any discussion on the economy, all written clearly.

Green Geekery:
An eco-friendly coke bottle redeisgn – Caffeine, a classic refreshment, aesthetic redesign, and green? A great example of having it all at once geektastically.

Funimation gets rights to 'Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji'

Borders is apparently close to new financing.

Social Media:
Will Unvarnished become the 'honest' version of, a Yelp for People as seen here, or just an online Burn Book? Frankly I'm inclined to believe the worst – especially in this tough economy – and that this will go nasty fast, and end up with a lot of legal problems However you're going to need to be aware of this if it hits the larger social media culture.

A look at how Google could solve the issue of fragmentation in Android

Video Games:
Must Read: The experience of a game reporter using his Pokewalker at PAX. He notes the power of this peripheral as a social tool, and describes his experience. Nintendo often seems to have a good handle on some of the social aspects of gaming, and those of you working (or wanting to work) in gaming will find some food for thought. I myself speculate that one of the values of gaming is going beyond the game – and companies that know how to add "lifestyle" elements to games may have an advantage.

There's a definite trend towards agencies working with game development talent. I think the current trends somewhat favor this – the investment it requires to make a good game requires talent. This also means that if you're in gaming – or want to be – it's time to see if agencies will affect you. For that matter of course they might be a good place to work.

A grant for Wii-based programs? Not game programs but programs like therapy. Might be worth finding out more about – or suggesting similar activities to organizations you know . . .

Future US thinks that gaming magazines face a tough future. They needless to say have some insights.

Breaks for game developers in the UK? It's a campaign issue. Seriously. Now let's see if some of this gets over to the states . . .

Finally . . . most awesome school bus in ages.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, Unvarnished. Good idea or bad idea?

-Steven Savage