Weeky Challenge: When it’s time to wait?

Everything comes and goes in the cycles of life.  We, careerists and professionals, are used to trying to figure these cycles out to ride them – or run from them.

Now and then, we end up at a difficult period in our lives when the various forces in our lives are at a crossroads, things end, and we're trying to get a handle on what's next.

So today's challenge?  Ask yourself what is on hold in your life – and that should stay on hold.

Take a look at your career goals – what is on hold now and why?  Of these events on hold, what are ones where you need to apply timing – to wait for an economic change, someone to return from a trip, etc.  What parts of your great life plan just happen to be caught up in the cycles of change.

Now for a second part – what of these "on hold" goals should you NOT try and tackle?  Are there things that, if you try and ram them ahead, you'll only end up in trouble?

What in short, are you just going to be bet off waiting on?  As much as people that try and encourage others on their career (like me) push you, sometimes you gotta wait.

– Steven Savage