News of The Day 4/5/2010

iPad. iPad. And iPad. Oh and some other must-know geek news!

Did you know there's a company that makes money disputing unemployment claims? There is, and it's getting a lot of attention these days. I'd stay aware of this since it could affect you, if unemployed, and sounds like a scandal waiting to happen.

How to get noticed in your career. Very simple. So simple I could summarize it, but I'll make you read the article. It's good advice period for any career level.

Accenture is hiring a load of people.


CEO's are usually overpaid and here's why. Beyond raising your blood pressure, a reminder of financial and organizational issues the US economy faces – and issues that may bring up more regulation in the future.

Who seems to get iPad distribution and pricing, who doesn't. Thoughts and theories for those of you working in media and publishing. Some ideas out there are good but some are shockingly stupid – and I agree with the author the iPad and related tech is not a place to copy old, dying practices.

A look at two different game companies adapting to the iPad. Some good stuff here about adaption, innovation, and what the market means.

300,000 iPads sold day one, 250,000 e-books sold same

How Amazon can come out ahead of the iPad – Great stuff here that makes a lot of good points, including Amazon's strong social presence.

Jumping on the bandwagon, we have an iPad compatable vest. I have no words.

Lawsuit between Stan Lee Media (but not Stan Lee) and Marvel settled in Marvel's favor. Might have some hints of what'll happen with the Kirby estate mess?

OK it's vaguely iPad-related, but some interesting ideas and examples on where print can go. These articles are a dime a dozen, but this one has some real-life examples and interesting speculation.

Social Media:
Can Twitter predict movie success? So say some researchers. In fact it could be used for other estimates. I'm intrigued by the potential use in many areas, but I'm wondering if there's an 'awareness issue' – the more people are aware of Twitter's use in research, the more Twitter use will change.

A new iteration of the iPhone Operating system is on it's way.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Oh, let's get it out of the way – do you think the iPad's strong start is a sign of things to come?

-Steven Savage