Weekly Exercise: The Core Of Networking

Good at networking?  Bad at networking?  Either way, you're gonna have to network in your career, and frankly, it's lot of fun.

This Weekly Challenge is to start taking a look at how people connect with you.

How they connect with you?  Yep, forget you connecting with them.  We're going to look at why people connect with you.  We're going to look at why people WANT to connect with you.

Good networking is fun, friendly, and win-win.  If you realize that you have something to offer then you can find it easier to connect with others – because you're thinking about them.  No one wants to connect with someone who's selfish.

So here's your challenge:
Write down all the reasons that people would want to connect with you and get to know you.  There may be:

  • Skills you can help with.
  • People you know.
  • A cheery demeanor that perks people up.
  • Etc.

Go on and don't be modest.  After all this is about other people isn't it?

Now look over this list.  Remember in the future when networking, you have something to offer other people.

– Steven Savage