Anime North Update

So let's get the bad news out of the way – I won't be selling any copies of my book, just have some as prizes.  There was some paperwork I would have had to have done earlier to sell copies.  You'll have to go to or to get copies, or check other booksellers online.

Now the good news, plenty of events are going on I'll be at:

Friday 7PM – The Fan To Pro Panel.  Me and Bonnie will discuss the fan-to-pro opportunities many people miss.

Friday 11PM – Careers in Video Games.  Come join me as I destroy your dreams and hopes with hard reality – and rebuild them with some serious advice.

Saturday 9PM – Brainstorming your Dream Job.  I'll demonstrate my "three-pillar" brainstorming technique, and as a group we'll help dream up new careers for people.

Sunday 3 PM – Otaku at work: Why you don't have your dream job.  All the reasons your career may really be lousy.

Hope I see you there!

– Steven Savage