News of the Day 5/27/2010

Nexon and Symantec have big plans, Barnes and Noble finally catches up on e-readers, and it's Facebook a go-go in your must-know geeky news!

Learn to manage your own expectations.

OK I'm cynical about a sudden bounceback in the economy, but this bounce in the markets has me hopeful. A little. Kind of.

Housing prices still changing, and not in uniform ways. A good reminder – and perhaps some insight – on what's up in the housing markets and the utter weirdness involved.

Barnes and Noble creates its own eBook app. Not much detail but it's a start for them.

Social Media:
Facebook mania. First, there's the changes to privacy (here's how it works). They have a new android developer kit. Finally a new Q & A App which will apparently add features for information searching/research. Quite a lot going on – and I suspect the Android and Q&A parts were put out early to deal with the privacy mess that they may have solved.

Symanetc wants to expand it's Norton offerings to many other security functions. Not a bad idea considering there's a lot more popular and portable personal devices. Might be worthwhile to keep in mind career-wise, since such efforts may mean hiring.

Podly wants to be your web video aggregator. Not enough details for me to say much, but the idea has me curious at least – it's certainly ambitious – and there's certainly a lot of video to aggregate.

Video Games:
Nexon is at it again, and bought a stake in another Korena gaming company for $59.8 million dollars. I confess I'm biased as I rather like Dungeon Fighter, but it seems they are seriously on the move. Now for you progeeks, maybe this is another place to look to send a resume – and on all counts, I wonder where they're going to go in the future.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Podly – great idea or doomed dream?

– Steven Savage