Convention Idea: Resource Lists

The roundup of convention resources is here.

So what happens after that big panel, workshop, whatever at your convention?  Do people just take away more than just memories (if they can remember much after a wild convention)?  It's always important in your career-oriented panels to have something to take away.

There are many things I like to add to such events, but one of the simplest, most space-efficient, and effective is a resource list.

That's it.  Just make sure your panels or workshops have, if appropriate, a page of resources handed out, that contains things like:

  • A list of useful websites.
  • A list of "must-read" books that fit the subject of the panel or workshops.
  • A list of schools or institutions providing appropriate classes.
  • A list of professional associations, meetup groups, or online groups that people may want to join.

One page of information may be all you need to make sure that the attendees keep using and building on what they've learned.

And, for a bit of branding, make sure it has information on the convention and the person that presented the panel or workshop.  It helps you stay memorable . . .

– Steven Savage