News of the Day 5/21/2010

Playdom and Zynga charge forward, the economy falls back, and just what is up with Google TV? It's Must-Know geek news time!

Paul Krugman is concerned America is going to be like Japan, and have a lost decade. I think he has a point, but I think the US's government is more likely to respond to a crisis with some action than Japan's, and those actions may, at least by accident, be beneficial. Do I consider this a possibility? Yes I do, and one of my big concerns is that a "Lost Decade" will have some sectors of society facing incredibly unemployment, and the social destruction wreaked will be enormous – think more than one Detroit.

Now for good news, a modest financial reform package passed the senate. House versus senate comaprisons are here. I'd like to see more aggressive legislation, but this is a good start to address some issues and have better regulation – my hope is that it's enough to regulate/deterr some egregeous behavior.

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll does another simulcast. World domination plans continue.

Geek Law:
The CEO of Salesforce calls Microsoft a patent Troll. Not something that'll produce widespread disagreement – what I had missed was that Microsoft claimed Salesforce of infringing on some patents involving data and web menus – which frankly, at first glance, seem stupidly broad. The CEO is *not* fond of Microsoft, and this isn't going to change his mind. Of course I'm biased towards Salesforce in this area, but this story is of interest to anyone in web-app delivery because of the Microsoft claims being what they are.

Google buys simplify media – Which will help it with music syncing for it's iTunes competitor. Google's voyage into music and television is quite interesting and will doubtlessly be influential – and will they carry their "disruptive" strategy there? I can't see why not, which will mean more complicated Everything Wars and rapid media changes.

Social Media:
More criticism over Facebook privacy. In this case, information being set inappropriately. This entire Facebook privacy thing is quite large, and I wonder if it'll slow their growth. Sure there's no real competitor, but then again in these times a competitor can come along quickly . .

How Law and Order lasted as long as it did – Rough answer good acting, older cast, solid tried-and-true method. A nice read for those of youw anting to produce media.

How to design apps for Google TV. It's simple tips, but it has useful links. What intrigues me here is A) the fact people have to relearn design skills for apps, B) this takes the app model to, well, television. Think of the ways this changes things, from putting simple App games on TV, to books-as-apps being read ON the TV . . .

Video Games:
Playdom are a busy group: They acquired Acclaim, and now have a deal with ESPN for themed games. On top of their partnership with Moblyng they're adding a mix of good distrubtion, good partnering, and expasion to their plans. I'm very bullish on Playdom's future – these are smart deals.
and are moving into asia with an acquisition. Is shifting out of the US-centric market a step in the right direction for them?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will Google TV's app approach represent a radical way to distribute content?

-Steven Savage