News of the Day 5/25/2010

Legal efforts against Apple, Atari seems to be on its way back, and LinkedIn and Twitter seal their relationship! It's Geek News Time!

Geek law:
Department of Justice investigating Apple over music? Sounds interesting . . .

It appears Marvel is leaving behind the $2.99 comic.

How to monetize news. A good read since you could apply this to other media.

Social Media:
LinkedIn is pretty much a full Twitter client. Makes sense of course. Good for Twitter, but even more for LinkedIn, which has been doing a good job of expanding what it does – a good model to analyze. And I hope you have a LinkedIn account . . .

30% of people thinking of a Netbook got an iPad? Apparently so. Sounds like the iPad made a dent inits intended marketplace.

Video Games:

Games industry growing, but growing slowly. An analysis of just what's going on. Quite a good read – and pointing out that there are more gamers – but the amount being made per gamer is less.

Atari's fortunes slightly improved. Not out of the woods yet, but at least a sign of hope.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will other social networks follow in LinkedIn's Footsteps?

– Steven Savage