Go Farther: The Future Is Tremors

Know what I think we need more of in media?

Shows like Tremors.

You may remember that series – based on the series of deliberate-B-monster-movies-with-heart, it ran on Sci-Fi channel before their name change.  It was an episodic series with some continuing arcs about the people living in a small town that happened to be infested with odd creatures, and their lives and stories dealing with them.  It was charming, funny, and quite clever.

It was also a great model of synergy that I think more companies, authors, and media people need to look at.

First, it took a cult property with a following and made something out of it.  Tremors is a charming film (and the other sequels have their moments).  You knew you'd have an audience.

Secondly, it extended the mythos of the series as a continuing series.  No reboot, no restart, no unrelated stores like too many spinoffs and novel series.  It continued the tales of the story and of the main character, lovable survivalist Burt Gummer.  It enhanced your enjoyment of the other properties.

Third, it actually made an effort to be a good show – it didn't sit on it's laurels.  It got a good cast, good writing, good guest stars, and made in short, an actual good TV series.  I still remember a few scenes that actually choked me up – and others that made me laugh.

Fourth, it was fun.  Seriously fun.  It didn't feel fake or contrived because apparently some of the people on staff realized it should be fun – just like the crazy film that started it all.

So I think instead of remakes and prequels and adaptions, maybe it's time for media producers (IE some of you reading this) to think about extension.  Take a property that you can monetize, and extend it with a series – it doesn't even have to be TV, it could be comics or novels.  Tie it together in one continuity (since fans love continuity), and have fun with it.

You make money.  The fans have fun.  The people doing the work get paid.  I call that win-win.

You also don't end up competing with past media as you do with a remake, you don't go for flash-in-the-pan and do half an effort.  You make a real effort to do something, and avoid the temptation to just "get it done and over."

Go on.  Firefly got Comics.  Tremors got a TV series.  What's the next series?  Go do it!

– Steven Savage