News of the Day 6/4/2010

Sad economic news, hirings and firings, Twitter doubling it's staff . . . it's a big news day for careers, right here and now!

A look at the problems BP is having. I know BP isn't exactly a geeky place to work, but may I advise A) Not working there, B) that the stocks probably suck. How BP is treated in the future by criminal and international law will affect how other companies are treated, so this may become a good Geek Law case. Also that oil spill may head up the east coast. I'm wondering if BP is going to survive any of this – considering miles upon mile of coast aren't going to survive.

Expect more of this to come up in future lawsuits and recriminations: the ethnic angle in subprime mortgages, including targeting of specific ethnic groups, and the implications culturally. Focused on Memhpis, but from what I understand these issues are nationwide. We'll be hearing about this again . . .

A look at unemployment with helpful graphs. Be sure to read it, but the quick summary: not much job growth but lots of temporary census jobs, a bit of an imporvement overall in unemployment with more full-time jobs and pay (but some job seekers have stopped looking, which gives us unemployed people not being "visible" statistically), and as we all know, lots of long-term unemployment.

Forget Greece, now the worry is Hungary. It doesn't sound as bad as Greece, but details are sketchy.

Young people are using cars less, a demographic shift with economic implications – and implications for where young people choose to live and work. Also has a great analysis on how America's over-reliance on cars and houses has distorted it's economy.

Some great tips for unburdening yourself with email by shifting actions to the sender. Not a geeky-specific bit of information, buy Andy nails some great advice.

Anime and Manga:
Apparently Funimation parent Navarre had a decline of sales in Q4. A few more details as well on the current Funimation status. Come on Crunchyroll, you know you want to . . .

Fan-To-Pro crush object Hachette (of Yen Press) hires Robin Domeniconi, formerly of Microsoft for one of it's magazine groups, as Senior Vice President, handling branding. That includes digital. Methinks that with Hachette's ambitions we'll see more digital work and branding, and maybe a few more people from the tech world go into their world.

The New York Times hires a Social Media expert

Social Media:
Twitter doubled its staff in the last six months, with growth likely to continue. No more stories about twitter dying I imagine for awhile . . .

In the wake of Facebook privacy concerns a company makes an app to display privacy information while using Facebook so you have an idea of the impact of your actions. With every problem an opportunity, apparently . . . and a clever business move.

Cisco plans to hire 3,000 workers. YOU plan to send them a resume.

Logic chip maker Silicon Blue lands $15 million in funding. You plan to send them a resume after you send one to Cisco. Also I think this is probably a good deal – their chips go into mobile devices, and that's a tad big right now . . .

Wow. Apple demonstrates how you can do Flash-like things with HTML 5. You have to use Safari of course.

When it comes to technology, don't forget Findland's footprint in the tech world.

Uh-oh, Oracle plans
more layoffs/firings after Sun acquisition

The Future of Netflix – Which seems to be 'stay the course since we're doing good.' I have to agree – definitely a Fan To Pro Crush Object.

Video Games:
The French Influence on Video Games. An interesting read.

Farmville continues to shed users. Note it's not the only one doing so. So why is this happening, is it all old, the fad is gone, mistrust of Facebook, what? One of my suspicions is the model grew "old" on people, but I'm not sure.

Geek News Of the Weird:
D&D Themed Jones Soda. Merchandising!

On that subject, Shreck glasses recalled due to Cadmium. Those just got more collectible . . . but don't go drinking out of them.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Funimation and Crunchyroll . . . good match?

– Steven Savage