Combining Careers And Interests: Where do You Work?

So you want to use your geeky interests on the job.  We've talked what you do, what you create, and who you work for – all areas of your career where your interests, hobbies, and obsessions can be leveraged.

We're now going to talk about where.

Some progeeks, profans, and protaku have interests tied to a particular location.  For some otaku, it's cities with a heavy connection to Japan (if not Japan itself).  For technophiles it may be Silicon Valley or Seattle.  For history buffs it may be Philadelphia or Boston.  For foodies – well that depends on your tastes, though enthusiasts for all kinds of food may be thrilled in Toronto.

Location matters to your geekery, and in trying to apply your hobbies to your career, where you work can be a key to job satisfaction.

Now location may not make up for a lousy job that doesn't use your skills and doesn't involve things you care about.  It's not a substitute for other options, but it can make a critical difference:
* You'll be able to network with people who share your interests in the right location.
* You'll find co-workers who share your interests.
* You'll be able to indulge in your interests easier, which may help relaxation and socialization.
* Such areas probably have jobs you'd like, if you decide on a change.
* You may take satisfaction just in working in that area – or working with that location (for instance if you work in local government or public transportation).
* You will probably be more able able to make friends in a location that suits your interests.

Never rule out the importance of a geek-friendly location in your career search.  It may not be a prime or even secondary factor, but it can have powerful influences on your happiness.

– Steven Savage