The Dark Side Of “Do What You Love” – Skills And Abilties

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(Steve takes a break from his usual positive approach to look at the dark side of “Do What You Love” as career advice and why it deceives, deludes, or just doesn’t cover difficulties. Ready for more cynicism peppered with advice, dive into the toxic swamp of careers again!)

OK, OK, so you heard “Do What You Love” as job advice. Well that condensed pice of career tripe doesn’t cover a lot of really hard things. We’ve looked at how it ignores your circumstances, the psychological issues it ignores or causes, and how it does nothing to help you know what the hell to do. Let’s flip the switch back to the larger world and look at locations.

Because location still is everything, and “Doing What You Love” becomes a lot harder when you realize what that means.

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I Have a Job, They Don’t: Visiting TIme

I'm big on relocation – having moved across a country to do it – and because let's face it, economic opportunities (and the recovery) aren't uniform across the nation – or a state, or the world.  Sometimes you have to do it – now more than ever.

Of course is a location right for you – or for, say, a friend or family member looking to move there?  the best way to go is to A) know someone there, and B) visit them.

You see where this is going.

However, if you don't see it, here's something I advise – and have done.  Find that person engaged in a job search, and put them up for a short time (say a week or two) to scout the area you live out.

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Microregions and Why You Should Care

I know I go on about Megaregions, if only because it's an awesome name to use in a serious economic conversation.  However, though I do take the concept dead seriously, I've come to the conclusion that if you're in or heading into a Megaregion, there's something else to consider.

What I call "Microregions."

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