Microregions and Why You Should Care

I know I go on about Megaregions, if only because it's an awesome name to use in a serious economic conversation.  However, though I do take the concept dead seriously, I've come to the conclusion that if you're in or heading into a Megaregion, there's something else to consider.

What I call "Microregions."

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Geekery, Trends, and Megaregions

I live in nerd central.  I'm in Silicon Valley.  I can WALK to the headquarters of important companies.  I've found myself in random conversations with famous people in gaming.  I have casual conversations with people about multi-million dollar deals.  Local news here is international news on an economic and cultural scale.

This is one of those areas that I've been talking about a lot lately – the Megaregion.  Those big economic/social/technical/industry clusters that seem to be the future of economic development.

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