I Have a Job, They Don’t: Visiting TIme

I'm big on relocation – having moved across a country to do it – and because let's face it, economic opportunities (and the recovery) aren't uniform across the nation – or a state, or the world.  Sometimes you have to do it – now more than ever.

Of course is a location right for you – or for, say, a friend or family member looking to move there?  the best way to go is to A) know someone there, and B) visit them.

You see where this is going.

However, if you don't see it, here's something I advise – and have done.  Find that person engaged in a job search, and put them up for a short time (say a week or two) to scout the area you live out.

This is a great option to use for several ways:

  • First, it's not a commitment for them to live with you, just a chance to scout an area.  If you don't have room, can't put someone up for a long time, or they have family or pets that can't live with you, the "scouting operation" is a good idea.
  • Secondly, it still lets them get to know an area.  I find a week or so is good enough to get the gist of an area, if you focus on it.
  • Third, you can combine it with a fannish or geeky event like a con.  That way your temporary roomate can grasp the social scene as well.
  • Fourth, if a person is a potential roommate, you can also find if you can stand to live together.

Got someone looking for a better career?  Have them stop by for awhile and see what they think about where you live.

Steven Savage