Choose How To Be Shaped In Adversity

In the Great Recession there are always tales of people's grandparents or parents or relatives in the Great Depression.  There's always someone discussing what influence those tough times had on their family.

There's also historians discussing issues even further back.  They discuss earlier recessions and earlier social changes and what people learned.

it appears one of the booming business in the Great Recession is talking about what people in past times of economic crisis learned and did.  So here's a lesson to take away from that.

You're going to be shaped in adversity, so choose how you're going to be shaped.  You're gonna get the adversity anyway.

You can choose to develop discipline and persevere, or learn to ride the wave of the changes around us.  Or you can pull back, hide, and let the change hammer away at you.

You can choose to confront the terrors of this Great Reset – and terrors there are – or you can run scared.

You can learn from the economic downturn, or you can hide from it in ignorance – or adapt crackpot theories that comfort you.

In the adversity you face, you choose how you will be shaped, how you grow, what you do.  You have the history of many economic resets and crises to read from, the powers of today's knowledge infrastructure to stay informed, and places like this blog to egg you on.

You are facing tough times.  But you choose how you will be shaped.  You have more power over this than perhaps any people before.

So make your choices.

– Steven Savage