Frustration Friday: The Jobs Aren’t There

Frustration Friday: There aren't any jobs you morons

As I watch the not-quite smoking not-quite ruins of the world economy, I've also noticed that some politicians, public figures, and people in general seem to have a problem with the unemployed.

Namely, it seems that they want them to get a job, as if people who are unemployed aren't looking for work.

The real problem is that there are plenty of people looking for work – its that there aren't enough jobs, or jobs that they're capable of doing in this Great Reset.

Their states and cities and megaregions may have lost the jobs that the unemployed are capable of doing.

The unemployed may not be able to follow their jobs as they've gone to other regions or countries.

The jobs they had have changed and they're no longer able to do them – at least without retraining they may not be able to afford.

The job search has changed on them.  It's changing all the time anyway, but the job search in the last decade has mutated into something unrecognizable to many.

Or, simply, there are also just a lot of jobs that are gone, aren't there, and aren't coming back.  There are more workers and less jobs.

The current state of unemployment is ugly for many people – the jobs aren't there, aren't near, or aren't ones they can do.  They can't find jobs as easily, if at all.  They're not lazy – they're caught up in a very unpleasant economic re-alignment.

So next time someone shoots off their mouth about how lazy the unemployed are, remember the hard truths about the employment market – and maybe remind them to take a look at the real human situation.

– Steven Savage