Learn From Other Geeks

I like to use the things I geek out over in my career, which is somewhat obvious by the fact I help run a blog about the very subject.  I'm a big advocate that hobbies, jobs, and interests really should be mostly the same thing.

However, it's too easy to get caught up in our own obsessions, our own geeky, our own fanning.  Sure we can learn a lot from our obsession with video games, our passion for digital art, and our interest in writing.

However if you really want to be a passionate fan-to-pro type you need to study the geekery of others.

Yes, thats right.  You want to look at other geeks and fans and their like to see what you can learn from them . They're like you enough for you to learn from – and they're different enough for you to have something to learn.

 . . . they may have different interests and enthusiasms, though they're just as enthusiastic as you.  From them you can see things differently, and from them perhaps take useful lessons.  Getting to know them may let you understand co-workers, other markets, and other career options.

 . . . they may use their geekery differently in the professional sphere than you.  From them you can learn new career ideas, new ways to channel your passions.

. . . they may be inspiring to you.  You think you've seen it all before in your fandom – seeing enthusiasm and energy in another one can be inspiring simply because it's inspiring in a different way.

. . . you may make friends and network.  Go on share a bit of yourself.

Me, I'm a technology, anime, and game geek.  But I've been inspired by sports fans and their enthusiasm and passion – and from they I've also learned the importance of a sense of history.  I'm not really into the romance fiction scene, but from that scene I've learned a great deal about the importance of community to an author and an industry.

First and foremost I'm a geek.  I might as well learn from other geeks.  You can too – just share your enthusiasms and obsessions and learn from those others.

– Steven Savage