News Of The Day7/15/2010

Before we begin, it appears that the Westboro Baptist Church says God Hates Nerds. If God hates nerds, how come we have all the cool toys?

And now, on with the must-know geek career news!

Look like Financial Regulation is set to pass. Good. It's not perfect, but it's desperately needed so the financial sector of the US can look less like a casino. Bring back the days of dullness, I say.

A quick snapshot of the state of U.S. Unemployment.

Job growth in . . . Wall Street Securities Firms? Admittedly they probably shed a lot of people but . . . still.

Geek Law:
In New Zealand software won't be patentable. Small? Yes. But this could be the start of something as it causes others to rethink fotware patents.

A look at tech and economy trends in Boston. From Gregory Huang of XConomy. Boston's a definite geek/fan/otaku friendly area, so pay attention to it for career potential.

Google revenue is up. Well there's a total lack of surprise – though oddly it doesn't sound like it's as high as traders expected.

The Old Spice Viral Media campaign by the number. Sounds pretty damn successful, and you can bet it will be emulated/immitated. Also, job-wise? have you thought of looking into the company behind it, Wieden + Kennedy? They're pretty savvy. Even the Google CFO talks about this campaign.

HP drops plans for an Android Tablet Sounds like windows and a variant of Palm OS is in their plan. Makes me wonder if their variant of Palm webOS is going to be their iPhone – and if they're focusing on a more controlled experience like Apple.


Want to get published? how much do you have to compromise?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long until annoying imitations of the Old Spice commercials come out?

-Steven Savage