Website Review:

* A site that has news on fantasy, sci-fi, comics, science, and more.
* Occasional articles about career issues, ranging from science to writing.
* A great editorial staff and writers.

* None

SUMMARY: What, you aren't going to io9 already? is part of the Gawker network, started about two or three years ago to cover science-fiction and more.  Try a lot more as it covers fantasy, comics, games, science, and, of especially interest to me, professional issues for careers related to these issues.

When I first discovered it, to me it was mainly geek fuel – daily spoilers, plenty of info, neat articles.  But over time as the site grew, and as I began to appreciate what it did, it started to become something I visited not just for the pop culture news but everything else.

Now it's on my must-visit list for every day, and part of my news feed.

You can't predict what you're going to get of course – beyond a few basic features io9 is an incredible grab-bag of stuff (incredible as in large, though it does have some great stuff).  However if you're seriously into the subject matter and a profane type, you will inevitably find things of interest to your career as well.

It might be an article on science or computers, or a post looking at literary trends, or simply a review that makes you think.  But with the amount of subject matter, the emphasis on diversity, and the talent of the staff, you'll find something useful eventually.  While waiting for that something career-applicable, you'll probably find plenty of fun stuff anyway.

So, if you are at all a sci-fi, comics, and fantasy geek, if you at all have a career interest in areas related to those subjects, make sure you regally read io9.  Highest recommendation.

– Steven Savage