News Of The Day 7/14/2010

Tablets are a-coming, plenty of venture capital is flying around, and the Old Spice Social Media campaign is the campaign that your campaign could smell like! It's must-know geek news time!

More seniors working or looking for work than teens these days. Wow. Demographic disorder. Read for more insight – I'm not sure what to say.

This came to my attention via other blogs: fraud in foreclosure cases, at least in Florida. I'm not sure how widespread this is, but cases like this further increase sympathy for people with home ownership problems, and decrease trust of those handling foreclosures – further.

Stress tests for European Banks coming, but delays may happen for some stats and info. Yeah. How shocking.

Total Econongeekery: what supermodels tell us about bad assets. In short, social value. Wow. Great read.

Can the move from homeownership to rental help revitalize urban areas? A very interesting question.

ZocDoc gets $15 million investment. They make online doctor scheduling applications. That may sound, well, lame, but consider that online apps are big, and doctors have a lot to keep track of. My dentist uses online services already, and they've made life easier on her, her staff, and me. They're also in NY, which positions them well. Maybe they need your resume . . .

Web publishing company Squarespace raises $38.5 million. Wow. I've heard of them but never explored their offerings, but apparently someone is ready to help them go up against others. They also appear to have some good clients and nice prices. And again, $38.5 million? Sounds like they've got something special. Also as web presence is more important all the time, I see companies like this having a good future.

Mashable's ideas on what Apple should do to deal with the iPhone 4 problems.

Social Media:
This is me on the internet. This is me posting an article on how the Old Spice Spokeshunk is making personalized videos. Now I'm noting this is a great example of using social media. Now you're reading this.

Velocity Micro to introduce a $300 Android Tablet with a 7" display. It's also only 6 weeks away from shipping . . . that means we get to see how Android devices compete with the iPad. Public reaction and impressions will be important.

More details on the Acer Tablets.

Apple acquires mapping tech company Poly9. Their own non-Google Nav software is on the way?

Hulu Plus Playstation Preview will be available to some. So. Go try it. Let us know what it's like!

Video Games:
Rhode Island discusses a $75 million loan to lure online game company 38 Studios. Looks like RI is taking a tip from Toronto and other places that want to lure the power of gaming into their location . . . and their tax base. That's a hefty chunk of money (maybe too hefty in these tough times), so let's see what happens. Could RI become a gaming powerhouse?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's the next state to follow Rhode Island's lead?

– Steven Savage