Take Time For a Geek Review

Have you taken a look at your fannishness lately and seen what you can mine for your career?

Every now and then, when I'm evaluating the next steps in my career, updating my LinkedIn.com profile, and similar activities, I like to review what I do as the total geek that I am.  I review it because there's often a lot of useful things you can use in your career that you miss.

Now and then you need to take a nerd inventory of yourself to see what you're missing:

  • Did you get some project done that might be relevant to your portfolio, resume, job search, or career activities?  You might have new art to display, more things to put on your resume, and new people to talk to?
  • Did you have any great career insights at that last convention, anime viewing, get-together, and so on?  Maybe you ought to review them in depth.
  • Is there some new skill you gained that should go on your resume?
  • Is there some new skill you tried you may want to improve?
  • Is there anyone you met at some fannish event you'd like to network with?

And so on.  Your life, your life of the raving fan, otaku, and geek, is a rich and diverse one.  Now an then you want to slow down and see what you've gained that can help your career.

Chances are you're so busy and active, you may have missed all the great career opportunities at your fingertips.  After all, that busyness is what makes you who you are.

Just take a little time to apply it more to your professional life.  Maybe even set aside some regular time for it.

– Steven Savage